Finding The Dress

Of course, the whole magical event hinges on finding just the right dress. This will involve countless hours spent scouring the local prom dress shops for that magical princess gown. Fashions may come and go in the world of prom dresses, but one thing is certain. When she tries it on she will know it is "the one".

Adding The Glamour

Once the dress has been decided on, the next thing to choose is the look. What kind of makeup to wear? Should the hair be up or down? If she has short hair, it may be that she will add pieces to give it that extra touch of grown-up beauty. Finally, there will be jewelry, often from within the family. She is ready to be a princess at her ball.

The Prince

While making all the preparations for the prom are exciting and good, without an escort it matters little. When he arrives, corsage in hand, he will complete the royal picture. Ready to escort his prized princess to the dance, he will first have to endure the lecture from a doting father and smiling mother, then the magic begins.

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Then off they go! While the dance itself may fade in memory with time, the dress and all that goes with it will not. Years from now that young woman will open a box and look with a smile at the corsage she wore the night she was a princess.