Entry Rules
Entry Rules

ALL Registered participants must attend expo, sign the waiver, and pick up their bib. If you cannot make it to the expo, please send a friend with a copy of your driver’s license and a signed OC Marathon Waiver.

You must be able to complete either the Half Marathon in 3 hours and 15 minutes or Marathon in 6 hours and 30 minutes. The Balboa Bridge must open at 7:45. ALL roads must reopen based on a 15 minute per mile pace. Any participants arriving at an intersection after the 16 minute pace may be required to use the pedestrian pathways and observe all pedestrian laws. After reopening, course markings, police services, portable restrooms, water stations may be removed from the course.

* Marathon entrants must be at least 16 years old by race day.
* Half Marathon entrants must be at least 14 years old by race day.
* You must verify during registration that you are in good health and physically prepared to withstand the challenges of a marathon, half marathon, or 5K.
* Sorry, for safety reasons, we cannot allow skateboards, bikes, dogs, or skates of any kind on the course.

Coaches, please wait for your athletes at the finish line. Baby joggers can be used, but you must start at the back of the field due to safety reasons.

Fun costumes are strongly encouraged!!